I’m calling this blog observations because it will consist of my observations – of my own culture and the cultures I observe during my travels abroad (recently in France and Argentina, and I also might tie in some comparisons with my experience in Nairobi, Kenya last summer, see my previous blog). It will probably mostly surround topics of gender, racesexuality, class, inequality, and social justice, though I’ll also write about anything else I’m feeling like. How often I’ll actually get around to writing something is another question, but hey, here it is!

Rules for my blog:

  1. Please comment! I would love to spark discussions and hear others’ opinions and experiences.
  2. I am trying to become a better intersectional feminist and ally on race and sexual orientation/gender identity issues, but I will definitely make mistakes. While I’m writing about my own experiences, I will also probably at times misjudge things about cultures that aren’t mine. Please kindly call me out when I do.
  3. That said, while I welcome differing opinions and people challenging my views, my time is limited and I will not always respond to every comment. I will also promptly delete any comment that is aggressive, insulting, or otherwise unkind. This blog is meant to be a positive experience for me and anyone else who chooses to engage with it, so please be respectful and remember we are all here to learn from each other.